Ready to Go (August 2, 2010)

I left my job on July 2nd and Bermuda a week later to spend 3 weeks at home with family. I stayed at my twin brother's place with Ed, his wife Pat, their 6-year old son Daniel and 2-year old daughter Ava. Here is a picture of my nephew and niece just prior to my departure.
I didn't do any physical training for my ride but did have a few workouts playing with the kids. I wonder if I ever had the energy of a very active 6-year old, I doubt it. I purchased all of my remaining equipment, set up my bank and credit cards, visited family and friends and started coming to grips with the fact that I don't have a job and will be cycling most of the way around the world.

I am sitting in Toronto's airport with 2 hours to go before my flight. I decided to go to the airport very early because it is the last day of a long weekend so there may be heavy traffic; I have a large bike box to check in and mainly because of the stress of arriving at an airport at the last minute. There is definitely an inverse relationship between how smoothly things go to get to the boarding gate and how early you arrive at an airport. Since I arrived so early, I of course sailed through without any traffic, line-ups, new search requirements or ticket problems.

I arrive in Dublin tomorrow (August 3rd) at 8:30 am and have no idea where I am going. Since it is early, I might try to put my bike together at the airport and cycle to a campground or hotel, if you can ride easily. Some airports are busy and empty right on major highways so I'll play it by ear. I am thinking of staying at a hotel or B&B for the first night to assemble my bike and get rid of the jet lag. I don't sleep well on a plane and I am very tired already, the flight hasn't even started. If there is a campground within an easy bike ride and you can get out of the traffic, I'll just bike.

My "plan" which of course will change a few times is to stay outside of Dublin for a few days and take a train into the city and back out in the evening. It's no fun biking with so many cars and the transit is supposed to be excellent so I'll just go in with a day pack, see the City and start biking later this week.

It's hard to believe that I am actually on my way, it feels a little surreal at the moment, not sure what is around the corner but that's why I travel this way, you get lots of surprises. My next entry will be from Ireland.

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