Ireland - Start of trip (August 3 - August 5)(continued)
I made it to the town of Donabate which should have taken me 2 hours from Howth but the scenic route I "chose" ended up taking about 4 hours of cycling. I couldn't find a campsite and "free camping" is not practical in this populated area so I was forced into a hotel on the coast. I would much prefer to sleep outside, particularly when there is a wedding reception 1 floor below my room.

As I bike through each country, I want to read about the history, economics and/or current events of the places to get a better understanding. I have loaded a few books on my Kindle (sure beats carrying them). My current list in addition to my travel guide and map is:

-   Ireland: A Novel by Frank Delaney (a novel of a "storyteller" giving an interesting
    account of Irish History. It's a factual account of Irish history mixed with the typical
    Irish love of tales.
-  The Story of the 1916 Rising by John Dorney (historical look at the Easter
    Rising and Ireland's fight for Independence).

My next update will provide pictures of my loaded bike and if possible a campsite with my kitchen, living and bedroom (bathroom is an outhouse).

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