Welcome to Jordan (December 25th - December 30th)(continued)
As you enter the site you go through the Triumphal Arch that was originally twice the height of the present day remains.
Here is a picture of one of the theaters.
On Sunday morning I woke up in the hotel and was surprised when 2 guys that I had met in Damascus were staying there. We joined up and toured the ruins for the day.
On Monday I biked to the City of Madaba. After a few weeks in the flat country of Syria, it took a while to get used to the constant uphills of Jordan. One thing that has not changed is the hospitality. I stopped at a small store close to Amman and picked out some pineapple juice for a snack. I went to pay and the owner just waved me off and said it is a gift. As I was outside drinking it, he came out and offered me a large bottle of water, again on the house. Here is a picture of my view as I cycled out of Jerash and towards Amman.
If there was one time to remember to turn right and not left, this was it.
Madaba is a predominantly Christian town and is famous for the Mosaic in St. George's church. The large Mosaic on the floor of the church is not only extremely detailed but it represents the oldest map of Palestine in existence. The Mosaic was created in 560 AD and was originally made of over 2 million pieces and 25 meters in length.