Welcome to Thailand  (February 28th - March  5th)(continued)
Bangkok is an easy City to get around with a fast moving sky train and river transportation system. I bought a pass for the train and was able to get around with little effort. I prefer the boats as they offer nice views of the City.
I did go to a few sites and in Bangkok that means Temples. The main attraction is the massive Wat Phra Kaew and Grand Palace. The Wat Phra Kaew (Wat is a Monastery) is a fairy-tale compound that includes the former residence of the Thai monarch, the Grand Palace. The site contains more than 100 buildings. The main attraction is the Emeral Buddha (pictures inside were not allowed). The Buddha sits on an elevated alter, cloaked in royal robes. Here are some of the buildings in the compound.
Here is the Grand Palace.
I am not a big fan of looking at Wats as I find it far more interesting to see the side streets and real life of Bangkok. You cannot enter the Temples with shorts so wearing full pants on these hot days makes it very difficult and I lose interest quickly. I had the same problem with the various Hindu temples of India, preferring to avoid the crowds of people taking photos of statues, and just explore the hidden passage ways to find my own little gems. The sites I view may not make the tourist guides but to me they are a better reflection of the people and the lives they live today.

In one of the side streets, they have a Moo-ay Tai (Thai Boxing) ring set up but unfortunately no one was training.