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Answering a few questions
Ready to Go
Welcome to the Republic of Ireland
How do you carry all that stuff
Ireland - Heading to the West Coast
Traditional Ireland
Cliffs of Moher and goodbye Ireland
Vive La France
France - Heading South
France - Wine Region
France - Heading East
Southern France
France - Provence and Cote d'Azur
France to Italy
More of Croatia
Europe to Asia
Turkish Delight
West Coast of Turkey
Southern Turkey
Goodbye Turkey
Hello Syria
Road to Damacus
Damascus and leaving Syria
Welcome to Jordan
Petra and Wadi Rum
Jerusalem and Good-bye Middle East
Welcome to India
Cycling in the heat of winter
Cycling the south coast of India
Noisy India
Goodbye India
Welcome to Thailand
Central Thailand
Northern Thailand
Welcome to Laos
The Mekong Delta of Laos
Goodbye Laos
Welcome to Cambodia
Angkor Wat and Good-bye
Thailand - The Sequel
Final Comments
Back on the road

Phnom Penh
Southern Cambodia and Thailand
Heading South in Thailand
Buddhist Meditation Retreat
Selamat Datang ke Malaysia
Back to the Orphans
On The Road Again
West Coast of Malaysia
Good-bye Malaysia
Goodbye Thailand
Welcome to China
Terra Cotta Army

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