Equipment (July 24, 2010)

With slightly more than a week before I fly to Ireland I have managed to get all of my equipment together. My bike is in the shop getting a final tune-up and the store will box it up for the flight on Monday August 2nd. Once I get to Ireland, I will pack it up in the various pannier bags. I did not have the nerve to actually try riding my bike with all this heavy stuff, no need to lose motivation at this late stage. I'll post a picture once I get on the road with everything packed.

Once I completed my purchases, I spread all my belongings out and here it is:
This is a list of the equipment I will be carrying/wearing/attaching to my bike.


*    Koga-Miyata World Traveller touring bike
*    Arkel panniers (2 rear, 2 front, handlebar bag)
*    Spare tire tubes, tools to fix flat tires and minor maintenance, helmet (with rain cover)


*    Gore tex rain gear (top and bottom)
*    Patagonia long underwear (top and bottom) for the mountains and winter weather
*    2 convertible pants (zipper to change from pants to shorts)
*    2 pair of cycling shorts
*    2 short sleeve mesh cycling shirts
*    1 long sleeve shirt and 1 long sleeve turtleneck
*    1 fleece sweater and 2 t-shirts
*    4 pair of wool cycling socks
*    1 pair of waterproof socks
*    1 pair of cycling gloves and 1 pair of cold weather gloves
*    1 pair hiking boots (for my 30 day hike on the Camino de Santiago in Spain)
*    1 pair cycling shoes and 1 pair of sandals
*     Dry bag (waterproof bag fits on rear rack and can carry hiking boots, sleeping bag, tent)


*    Big Agnes 2-man tent/fly/groundsheet
*    Big Agnes sleeping bag, fleece bag liner, thermarest pad and thermarest pillow
*    MSR Whisperlite International gas stove and 20 oz fuel bottle (fits on bike)
*    MSR Miniworks Ex water filter (to filter questionable drinking water)
*    Walkstool (chair to sit on while cooking/cleaning bike/reading)
*    GSI Java Press and coffee mug (for my morning coffee, you can camp and still be
*    Cooking set (2 sauce pans with lids and a frying pan), dinner plate, bowl
*    First aid kit (Adventure Medical Kit)
*    Travel towel in case, swiss army knife, cutlery (1 knife, 1 spoon, 1 fork), cleaning
      plastic case for coffee/olive oil, spices, 8" knife, plastic cutting board.
*    Shaving kit with toiletries
*    Headlamp (for reading and to keep my eye on things that make noise at night outside
      my tent)
*    1 gallon plastic water jug


*    Asus Eee PC (10" screen and 14-hour battery life), power chord
*    Canon Power Shot G10 Digital Camera, power chords and battery charger
*    Amazon Kindle (to make it easy and light to read travel books and pleasure reading)
*    Ipod and stereo speakers (speakers fit in handlebar bag to avoid wearing
     headphones while cycling)


*    Leather bound journal for making notes - thank you Diane Gilfeather)
*    Travel Diary (thank you to Catherine Visaya)
                  Prior journal articles are located here