West Coast of Turkey (November 10th - November 16th)(continued)
I am following the coast on side roads and here is a typical view of this part of Turkey.
The weather has been very warm, about 25C and I'm still riding in t-shirt and shorts. As noted, I am riding through miles of olive trees and one night was out here when it started getting late so I just went into the olive grove, out of sight of the road and set up my tent. It gets dark quickly so I cooked dinner in the dark and had an early night in the tent. As I was laying there I thought about the shepherds watching their flocks and wondered what animal they are protecting their sheep from out here? I had a great sleep anyway. In the morning I gathered my tent and belongings early and had a quick snack of a yoghurt drink and nuts before heading off.
The shepherds here do not own the flocks they watch, they are hired to care for farmers animals. They are typically from small villages and leave their families for the week to guide the sheep to grazing areas, returning to their families on the weekend. Throughout this area, there are small shacks set up for them to sleep and stone pens to contain the sheep. I passed an example of this on Sunday. The white structure is the shepherds sleeping location and the circular stone fence surrounding the large tree is where the sheep sleep at night. There was a watering hole nearby.
This guy seemed bothered as I rode by so I yelled at him to stop whining but he kept right on hee hawing. He sure was stubborn.
On Sunday I stopped for a break at a small store and ended up having a nice conversation with the owner and a young guy. He told me his name but it's difficult to remember the names if I don't write them down as they are so unfamiliar.  They took a real interest in my trip and brought me up behind the store to see a sweeping panoramic of this beautiful area along the Adriatic Sea.
As I completed the little side trip along the coast and was about to re-join the highway I came across the picturesque small town of Candarli with a bright green tipped Minaret on its colourful Mosque.