Croatia (October 11th - October 16th)(continued)
The harbour of Split fronts the City and makes it easy to orient yourself.
As in Italy, there is no shortage of shops selling cakes and desserts. I rarely indulge in these and haven't actually tried any but they look good.
Camping sites are abundant on the Dalmatian coast but I was told another good value are the Sobes, apartments in homes of Croatians which rent out for a fraction of the overpriced and dull hotel rooms. Sobes dominate the country and are a great way to meet local families. On arrival at the ferry I was approached by a lady offering her place a few minute walk away so I took up the opportunity to get rid of my bike. It was 7:00 am when we arrived so having a place open was a relief. This Soba had a standalone apartment but is perfect for the few days I will explore Split.
The front of the harbour is dominated by the "Riva" a pedestrian walkway lined with palm trees, cafes and shops. It is a great place to people watch and comes alive at night with couples strolling, people sipping coffee (Kava) and people just enjoying life.