Dubrovnik (October 21st - October 23rd)
Distance biked so far:  (4,006 km)

The ride into Dubrovnik was easy and spectacular. I left my camp early and found a nice spot to have breakfast about 10km from the City. A number of people were getting on a commuting ferry and it reminded me of my rides into the office via ferry in Bermuda.
There is a great campground in Dubrovnik and it reminds me a little of the one in Florence where they have nice facilities and are within the City limits. It hosts over 2,000 people per day in the summer months but once again there were only a handful at this time of year. The site closes on October 31st so it looks like I am being chased by winter. The nights are down into single digits but the day time highs are still about 20C or about 70F. As I cycled above Dubrovnik, this is the view of the Western part of the City.
The Old City of Dubrovnik is why the City is such a popular tourist destination. The Old City has an in-tact wall surrounding it and the mile and a half walk is the single biggest attraction. You have the Sea on one side and the mountains on the other with the red tiled roofs in between, nestled within the walls.