France - Provence and Cote d'Azur (September 26th - October 1st, 2010)
Cassis - Carqueiranne - La Croix Valmer - Antibes - Sanremo (Italy)

Distance biked so far:  (3,015 km)

I had a very enjoyable sunny but blistery Sunday (September 26th) cycling through Marseilles. The City seemed to go on forever with fairly high mountains on your left and the glistening Mediterranean on your right. I knew I would be going in the wrong direction if I went up or got wet and managed to avoid both, for a while.

Coming from the West, this is the view of Marseilles.
The traffic was light which allowed me time to enjoy some of the sights like the large Cathedral that seemed to be a combination of Cathedral and Mosque.
As in most European cities, the new skyscrapers blend in with the old town.
As noted it was a very blustery day with winds gusting in my estimation to at least 50 miles per hour. I had difficulties going down some of the hills as the crosswind would nearly blow me off the bike. If I didn't have all this weight I would not have been able to stay vertical. In some cases I had to step out of my cleats that fasten my shoes to the pedals in case I had to get off the bike quickly. I was down to 6 km/hour at times, a medium walking pace, struggling to stay upright. The windsurfers and surfers however were enjoying the weather.